N°5: Salomon

CHF 28.00CHF 672.00 TTC

The Salomon is a classic module as well. However, it is proposed only by rare brands because of the difficulty to roll this cigar. It is indeed the most difficult module to make and only very experienced craftsmen can make them.

One of the specificities of this module is that it lights up almost as easily as a cigarette, its initial combustion surface measuring only a few millimeters in diameter. Then, after a few harder puffs in terms of draw, the diameter widens to reach the maximum shape. The result is an impressive richness of smoke and aroma. As the cigar is tapered towards the mouth, its cold smoke flavors will be concentrated to give a magnificent experience.


Country of production: Dominican Republic
Module: Salomon
Ring: 57
Diameter (mm) : 20
Length (mm) : 190
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic, Peru
Strength: Mild
Duration: approx. 75 minutes