N°4: Short Gordito

CHF 18.00CHF 432.00 TTC

The Gordito short (4×70) is a unique shape. It allows the amateurs of big modules (diameter 2,7cm) to taste a not too long cigar (10 cm). The richness of the aromas of a cigar comes from the filler and partly from the “seco” part of the filler, it is logical that a cigar of big diameter can offer more aromatic richness since it contains more tobacco. However, be careful not to open this large diameter too wide so that the amount of air is not too great, which will ensure that the cigar does not heat up.

This No. 4 is made from a softer blend than Nos. 1 through 3 and will be rich in aroma from the start. It will have a nice burn and keep its silky taste until the end. (About 45 minutes).


Country of production: Dominican Republic
Module: Short Gordito
Ring: 70
Diameter (mm) : 27.55
Length (mm) :100
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic, Peru
Strength: Mild
Duration: about 45 minutes

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