Cañonazo” box

CHF 100.00 TTC

Succumb to our box of 4 Cañonazo cigars exclusively delivered in tubes thus allowing a maximum conservation of the cigar but also ideal during travels. A habano cape, a lot of aromas, this module is the grail for the informed amateurs. The Cañonazo format is imposing without being too big. The great aromatic richness of this module is obtained thanks to a blend of tobacco leaves from various regions and various strains carefully selected by us. A cigar for connoisseurs, to be savored while taking your time during moments of relaxation.

Available in boxes of 4 tubes


Country of production: Dominican Republic
Module : Cañonazo
Ring : 54
Diameter : 2,1 cm
Length : 15,4 cm
Strength: Medium
Duration: 45-60 minutes