Cigars that will turn you into a connoisseur

You’re tired of being disappointed by cigars that don’t taste good, don’t draw or give you a headache… The day after your tasting, you don’t want to feel the unpleasant effects of cold smoke or a heavy head. You don’t want to feel obliged to buy brand-name cigars with a famous ring. You want to be sure that your cigars will give you a good time and delight your guests?

Then Tres Hermanos is here for you.

Tres Hermanos cigars are designed to deliver an unforgettable experience every time. They surprise the senses by their tastes and flavors of great finesse. The Tres Hermanos cigar was born from the owner’s passion for light and exquisite vitolas. Originally, production was reserved exclusively for a restricted circle of initiates and was not marketed. The informed amateurs who were able to taste it were quickly seduced by the Tres Hermanos cigars which aroused a unanimous enthusiasm. It was this general enthusiasm that prompted the owner to start marketing his brand. Our cigars are available for sale in our e-shop, as well as in many shops, restaurants and hotels.


Tres Hermanos a brand

To this day, Tres Hermanos remains a boutique cigar brand, due to the rarity of the raw material used. To obtain the different tobaccos that give this cigar its distinctive taste on a regular basis, production has to be limited.

The Tres Hermanos cigar is a blend of high quality tobacco leaves of different origins. They are carefully selected to make a cigar with unique tastes and exceptional flavors.

Let yourself be seduced and treat yourself and your friends to the magical moment of happiness when you enjoy a Tres Hermanos cigar.

Your fine bottle, your aperitif or your meal will become an exceptional memory for your guests if you start or end it with a tasting of one of our fine cigars.


A history, a passion

Tres Hermanos cigars are the result of a cigar enthusiast’s dream.

Fascinated by good cigars, especially Cuban ones, the owner of Tres Hermanos decided to create a “perfect” cigar for his own use and that of his friends. This cigar shouldn’t give you a headache, yet it has a powerful taste that will remind you of the best possible smoke. It should be handmade with a high-quality finish and a bellle cape maduro. Absolutely no chemicals should be used during the manufacturing process. The tobacco leaves are naturally fermented as many times as necessary to obtain the desired quality. The result is definitely a cigar for connoisseurs.

The cigar brand’s logo was inspired by family elements and the famous “Dos Hermanos” bar in Havana harbor, Cuba.


A unique assembly

Like some of the best wines in the world, Tres Hermanos cigars are a blend of tobacco leaves of different origins. There are many possible origins of tobacco for making cigars and each one has its specificity, just like the “terroir” of a good wine.
Tres Hermanos cigars are made from a blend of the finest tobaccos you can get, blended to obtain the desired flavor, strength, draw and burn. Most of the cigar’s filler is Dominican tobacco. Depending on the module, there will also be tobacco of Peruvian, American or Nicaraguan origin. The binder is Dominican while the wrapper leaf usually comes from Ecuador.

The cigars are then carefully handcrafted in our own factory in the Dominican Republic. The first Tres Hermanos cigars were assembled in Costa Rica but contained no Costa Rican tobacco.

A risk-free purchase

We guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time enjoying a Tres Hermanos cigar. Draw and burn will be good. The aromas will be full and rich without being too strong, and you won’t feel bad afterwards or the next day.
Stock up on cigars. You can easily store them in a humid (but not too humid) environment for a very long time.
If one of your cigars doesn’t give you complete satisfaction, write to us with your concern and we’ll be happy to replace it for you.
So treat yourself!


Our factory

In order to control the entire manufacturing process for his exceptional cigars, the owner of Tres Hermanos decided in 2021 to set up his own factory in the Dominican Republic.

Located in Gurabo in the town of Santiago de Los Caballeros, near Tamboril, the cigar capital of the world, the ” Cyra Estates “ manufacture produces today around 1,000 cigars per day. All cigars are made exclusively by hand, thanks to a team of passionate professionals, most of whom have spent almost their entire lives in this fascinating field, and whose know-how has been handed down from previous generations.

Tres Hermanos is therefore the only brand able to offer you a cigar where every step can benefit from a Swiss quality label, from the harvesting of the leaves to your moment of delight.


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